Computer Lab

Concord Christian School has three desktop computer labs and one laptop lab.  One desktop lab is part of the Media Center of the Library.  The other three labs are hands on teaching labs.  All elementary students have computer class once per week.  Middle School students have computer class every other day for one semester.  High school students can choose from several computer courses for their electives.  

In the elementary classes, students will learn everything from computer care, Internet safety to programming.  Since all students will be using a computer with Internet access, all parents and students must sign the Acceptable Use Policy before using the computers.  K-2nd focus on keyboarding as well as being introduced to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher.  Programming starts in 1st grade and continues into 5th grade. 3-5 grades continue keyboarding and learning to incorporate the Microsoft Office in their school assignments.  K-5th also learns CPR and how to use AEDs and where they are located on our campus.

Middle school students begin their information technology studies with an introductory course. In the introductory course, they first learn how computers work from a hardware and software perspective. Then they explore the intricacies of security, ethics, privacy and copyright. Finally, they are exposed to various careers in technology. Throughout the course their Microsoft Office skills, Internet skills and typing skills are all developed. With the foundation set by the introductory course, students are prepared for future offerings within the middle school computer curriculum. 

The high school electives include Computer Coding, Interactive Multimedia and Web Design.  Computer Coding teaches real world application of the steps necessary to deliver a working computer program:  understanding requirements; creating the design; coding; testing, and debugging.  While keeping things simple, this class uses professionally recognized programming principles to create working JavaScript programs.    In Interactive Multimedia, students will learn to utilize creativity and skills,  using current technology, to create and edit interactive multimedia presentations – presentations that include typography, sound, images, and video.  The Web Design curriculum is an introduction to the design, creation and maintenance of web pages.  Students will learn about web design standards and how to create web pages using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and other web design tools and techniques.

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