School Visit Checklist

Deciding where your child will go to school can be confusing.  Each child and family has different needs and requirements.  This checklist can serve as a guide as you tour our campus as well as other schools to help you find just the best learning environment for your family.


  • Did you like the way you were greeted?
  • Are the faculty and staff welcoming and eager to help?
  • Are phone calls answered with enthusiasm?
  • Does the school atmosphere seem friendly and “right” to you?
  • Are parents encouraged to volunteer?


  • Are the principal and teachers willing to discuss curriculum? Is it related to state guidelines?
  • Do teachers use supplements in addition to basic textbooks?
  • How is progress measured?Does the school rely only on test scores?
  • How much emphasis is put on standardized test scores and preparation?
  • Do teachers accommodate for all learning styles?
  • What can be done to challenge accelerated learners? Struggling students?
  • How much homework should be expected?
  • How are teachers evaluated?How often?


  • Does the school communicate regularly with parents?
  • Does the teacher communicate regularly with parents; newsletters, phone calls, notes, planners, teacher conferences?
  • Is the classroom open for parent observations if requested?
  • Does the school have a web-based parent portal for communication of grades, homework, calendar events, etc…?
  • Does the school have an updated website?
  • Is there an active parent group (PPO) who shares information?
  • Is there a Parent/Student Handbook?


  • Are students engaged in weekly enrichment classes; Spanish, computer, art, music, PE, etc…?How often do students attend?
  • When is the library open and who staffs it?Are parents encouraged to volunteer?
  • Are computers available to all students?
  • What is offered as “fine arts”? (band, chorus, art, drama, etc.)
  • Is there an outdoor and indoor space for physical activity?
  • Are there class field trips?Do they relate to curriculum?Service projects?
  • Are there athletic opportunities for students?What sports are offered?


  • What is the average teacher to student ratio?Is there a teacher’s assistant?
  • How do the teachers interact with students?Pleasant and respectful? Praise and encouragement? Happy and eager to help?
  • Are students taught things like character development, values, manners, and leadership?
  • What are the discipline procedures and do they align with your family practices?
  • What are the guidelines for TV/movie viewing?
  • Are the classrooms attractive, neat and orderly?
  • Is student work displayed?
  • Are there restrooms nearby?
  • Do students have a cubby for their belongings?
  • Does the Mission Statement and Values of the school align with your family values?

Safety and Health

  • Is student safety a priority for the school?
  • Is there an emergency plan in place for all unsafe situations?Are procedures clearly defined and communicated to faculty and staff?
  • Are student areas secure?
  • Are the school facilities attractive, neat, clean and hazard free?
  • Are the meals and snacks healthy or do you bring your own?
  • How does the school respond to children with food allergies?
  • What is the policy for sick students? Medication?
  • Are medical records and emergency contact information for each child kept current and accessible?
  • Are the teachers and other staff trained in first aid and CPR?

If you would like more information about any of the checklist items,

please contact Concord Christian School at 865-966-8858 or