The CCS band program stands out in a positive way for the clarity of its vision, both in terms of performance excellence and Godly motivation.  

Our program is committed to teaching students musical skills and fundamentals that will equip them to perform and understand music at a high level, whether performing in a worship context or performing in collegiate and professional concert ensembles.  

Our students are evaluated based on individual proficiency of skills, which is unique in comparison with most other band programs nationally. Additionally, CCS band students learn biblical character traits that are essential to personal development and success in any area of study. These traits include: responsibility, strong work ethic, respect for others, cooperation, self-discipline, and insisting upon high standards.  

We believe that applied music performance is a language and a means by which to praise God, and the process of learning and rehearsing is a vehicle through which to learn responsibility, patience, diligence, accountability, humility, and cooperation.  

As such, the CCS band program offers a unique opportunity to our students, especially when considered in context of other curricular offerings and other music programs in the area.