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Purpose: Seeing HIS Story in Every Story.

Mission: Teach students how to be effective and creative users of information, so they are equipped to serve, lead, and transform their world from a Biblical worldview.

Our CCS library is a vital part of our students' total education.  CCS is sincerely blessed to have Lana Foster as a teaching librarian. “A qualified teacher librarian is defined as a person who holds recognized teaching qualifications and qualifications in librarianship.” 

“Within the broad fields of education and librarianship, teacher librarians are uniquely qualified. Teacher librarians support and implement the vision of their school communities through advocating and building effective library and information services; and programs that contribute to the development of lifelong learners.” ( 

Roles for Teaching Librarians
This graphic shows all the roles a teaching librarian plays within the educational institution.
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In elementary school, library class focuses on instilling a love of reading.  Students can check out books, enjoy story time, learn essential literacy skills, how to research, and how to utilize the online catalog system (OPAC).   Kindergarten through Fifth grade attends a weekly library class.

In middle school, students will delve deeper into research capabilities. By high school, our students will have read some of the world's greatest literature and learned to use critical thinking skills. Mrs. Foster works with teachers to provide instruction and assistance for research projects, book projects, and other curriculum needs. Middle and high school students are still welcome to check out books. They can request by email or stop by during flex/hang time; or, when a teacher will let them visit.

Access Accelerated Reader here:

Access the CCS OPAC here:

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Access the Summer Reading Challenge here.

Here at CCS, we use Accelerated Reader, a Renaissance Learning product, to help monitor reading practice and progress.  Accelerated Reader, AR, helps teachers guide students to books that are on their individual reading level.  To check a book's AR reading level, use the website AR Bookfinder by Renaissance Learning.  

To raise funds for The Michele Donnelly Library, CCS hosts one Book Fair each year.  The dates for the Book Fair will be on the calendar this Fall. To find out more about our Book Fair, click HERE.


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