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Read A Thon

Read-A-Thon is Coming! April 26-30

Let’s Get Fired Up About Reading


Due to restrictions still in place, we are unable to have an in-person book fair. In lieu of that, we are conducting a Read-A-Thon. I am thrilled to be doing this! Why you ask? Because, though a fundraiser for the CCS Library, ALL the focus is on reading!  

This will benefit all students academically; as well as assist with raising valuable funds for the library. It gives students a reason to read, assists in reaching AR goals in this final quarter, and develops stronger reading skills. 

That focus continues with the funds raised. The plan for all funds is to purchase books, books, books! A complete overhaul of the library has been done this past year, and we are very aware of our needs. Our three main needs are: replace old, worn-out books; update and add to our nonfiction; and, add to our collection specifically for middle and high school students. 

How to Participate

Here is the link to activate CCS students accounts:

NOTE: Each class has its own unique code (please email Mrs. Castleberry at if you are in need of it)

We know you have limited time but want the best education for your child. That’s why we hope everyone will activate their reader's account as soon as possible. This is where you can record and view your reader's progress.

Please share the website with family and friends to donate:

Middle School Students are invited to participate in ReadAThon on their own time. It is not required. Parents can activate their account in order to record minutes read and collect money. All MS students who raise $50 or more will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. We are drawing three winners.


Theme Days:

  • Monday: Camping attire [students dress up in their camping gear]
  • Tuesday: Favorite camping games [students will participate in indoor AND outdoor activities]
  • Wednesday: Campfire stories [students will have the opportunity to share in telling stories]
  • Thursday: Forest stuffed animal [students bring their favorite stuffed animal that you could see while camping to read with]
  • Friday: Book Character Day [students dress up as their favorite book character]


  • Activate account = Bookmark
  • Send emails/post to FB = Bag of Candy
  • Read 225 minutes = Treasure Chest Item
  • Read 500 minutes = Special Prize
  • Read 1000 minutes = Lunch with the Librarian
  • Collect 40 dollars = Treasure Chest Item
  • Collect 80 dollars = Popcorn Bar
  • Collect 100 dollars = Campfire Smores with Principals