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Homestay Program

Concord's Homestay Program

  • Offers our international students a personal experience with American culture and an avenue to improve their language skills
  • Expands world perspectives for both the students and their host families
  • Provides a safe and nurturing place for students to live
  • Gives students their own private room with a private or shared bathroom

From the time the student is picked up at the airport, our trained host families are ready to help their new student. They will provide homework help, meals, transportation, and advice. Our students will engage in family activities and truly gain a second family. We believe the homestay feature of living abroad is critical to our students' success. This is why all of our host families are carefully chosen after a background and reference check, personal interview, and a home visit. International students will receive an incredible environment to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally during their time here.