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Concord Christian School Board

2024 School Board Members:

Bill Evans, Board Chair
Nathan Smith
Donell Gundy
Benjie Shuler
Lynnette Newman
Adam Starkey
Jennifer Burton
J.R. Yates
James Harrill

E-mail address is

School Board: Structure and Responsibilities

3.01     Composition of School Board:  In accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of FBC, the FBC Senior Pastor and Executive Director/Pastor are permanent voting members of the Board.  In addition, the FBC church body shall elect at least five additional qualified FBC members to serve as voting members of the Board.

3.02     Election of School Board Members: The nomination and election of members for the board occurs annually at the FBC Annual Meeting of Members subject to the following guidelines and rotation. The minimum of five non-permanent members of the Board shall serve three-year terms on a rotating basis, with no more than three Board members completing a three-year term simultaneously.  After serving a term of three (3) years on the Board, or more than one (1) year of an unexpired term, no Board member shall be eligible to serve another term on the Board until the lapse of at least one (1) year.

3.03     School Board Responsibilities: The CCS School Board (“the Board”) shall be responsible for the following:

  • The Board shall review and enact global policies to support the overall operation of CCS.
  • The Board shall provide oversight of and accountability to the Head of School, including an annual review of job performance. 
  • The Board shall establish school budgets and review financial considerations impacting CCS, and shall approve and recommend an annual school budget for approval by the church financial governing body. 
  • The Board shall develop and implement an appeals process to facilitate consideration of student, parent, faculty, and employee appeals in the event of an impasse between school administration and affected parties.
  • The Board shall provide oversight of CCS employee job descriptions and employee compensation, in consultation with the Head of School.
  • The Board shall oversee and provide support to advance the CCS key areas of spiritual growth, academic excellence, athletic achievement, creativity, and social development.
  • The Board shall, in consultation with the Head of School, develop long-range plans and goals for CCS.