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At Concord, we emphasize academic rigor by utilizing a college preparatory, Biblically-integrated curriculum. Each classroom is energized by a challenging and supportive environment. Smaller class sizes enable our talented teachers to provide individual attention and to encourage students to perform at their highest level.
The results of our 3rd through 8th-grade national standardized tests are indicative of our students’ success. Concord Christian School students have consistently performed at superior levels in comparison to national norms. In addition, our graduates are annually awarded scholarships for outstanding academic performance.
Generally, 100% of our graduates pursue their education beyond the secondary level and have been admitted into outstanding colleges and universities across the country. For a list of college acceptances, click here view the 2019 - 2020 School Profile.

Concord Christian School is committed to a superior academic experience.

Christ-Centered Academics:

  • Concord Christian School prioritizes a God-centered approach to life for each student. We strive to produce the mind of Christ in our students and establish a well-grounded biblical world view.
  • Academic achievement is not a means of self-promotion or pride but is a way of increasing one's awareness of God and utilizing talents to benefit His kingdom.
  • Concord Christian School has a K-12 curriculum based on the State of Tennessee benchmarks with an emphasis on Biblical instruction.


Personalized Instruction:

  • CCS’s talented faculty are passionate educators who are committed to helping students reach their maximum potential. 
  • Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are not just dispensers of information but are mentors, coaches and positive role models for our students.
  • 9:1 Student/Teacher ratio

View our Christian Philosophy of Subject Matter


Concord Christian School is recognized by the state of Tennessee as a Category II School. Graduates from CCS receive a diploma with the State Seal, recognized by the Tennessee State Board of Education.