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The ARTS at Concord

Concord Christian School's Fine Arts program encourages students to develop artistic skills, to reach their full creative potential, and to build confidence for self-expression. The school’s in-depth and comprehensive program helps discover, cultivate and showcase our students’ God-given talents while honoring the Lord through visual, performing and theater arts.
Each year Concord hosts Fine Arts events from Preschool through High. The visual arts, band, orchestra, chorus, and theater arts programs have earned a reputation for excellence which is reflected in the recognition our students receive, and our highly-qualified faculty and staff.

While many schools’ art programs are struggling, Concord’s Fine Arts are thriving. A study of the arts brings a deeper understanding of our history, culture, and the human condition. At Concord, the faculty commits to preparing graduates for further artistic study at the college level, professional endeavors, and a life-long appreciation and enjoyment of the arts.