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FAQ for HS Band-What does it mean exactly...

What is HS band class? 
Marching Band (2 weeks in July - October 30) + Concert Winds 

**Marching band helps to satisfy a P.E requirement**

What are the requirements:  

Band Camp: Band Camp is 2 weeks long. Week 2 and Week 3 of the month of July. 2022 Band Camp is July 11-15 and July 18-22.

Color Guard and Percussion meet in early June or late May (depending on student schedules) and learn fundamentals and battery set up for marching percussion.

  • Band Camp : Week 1 July 11-15 (8-4) 
  • Band Camp: Week 2 July 18-22nd (8-8pm)
  • T/R Afterschool Practices 4-6pm (Season Ends Oct 30)
  • 5 Friday CAK/CCS Football Games (Possible play offs *Typically ends 10/30)
  • 2-3 Competitions Saturday (season ends 10/30)

What period is band class? 
Band class is 7th period. (The schedule for next year has not been set, however, this is when it has traditionally been offered in the past.) 

What about sports? 
Coaches and directors share a calendar and work with each other to share players during both marching and concert season. Students with sports conflicts need to meet with the director so that coaches and directors can both plan accordingly. 

Can I just be in the marching band? 
To be in the marching band, you must be enrolled in the class. 

What about 8th Graders?
Yes! Invited 8th graders are welcome to join the marching band. 8th graders must attend band camp and weekly after-school rehearsals/competitions and games. Although they are not enrolled in the class, they are able to earn P.E. credit.

What about dual enrollment? 
Yes! If a student is enrolled in a dual enrollment/college class, students attend their classes on MW and band classes on T, R, F. Students are responsible for keeping up with their music/practice, etc. 

Why Band? 
Being in the band affords many opportunities for leadership, character growth and development, and many service/community opportunities to show Christ in the community. Students unplug and learn to work as a team and to be a part of a unit. 

The band has its roots in the military. It is centered around patience, discipline, and understanding personal sacrifice for the betterment of the group. It fosters a culture of community and amazing family!  

It is excellent for college preparation and building a resume!  Not to mention, just an overall blast!

Please reach out with any questions!

Can't wait to talk with you!