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Since 1969, First Baptist Concord has been serving the community through Concord Christian Preschool. CCP was developed to support and encourage parents by laying a firm and positive foundation for their young children. CCP is renowned and was named Best Daycare and Best Preschool in CityView’s Best of the Best 2020, 2021, and 2022 surveys.

In 1995, First Baptist Concord established a feasibility committee to evaluate the possibility of adding a primary school to the already successful preschool program.

After extensive study, the church founded Concord Christian School and the journey of approving school growth was as follows:

          Fall 1996               Grades K – 3
          Fall 1997               Grade 4
          Fall 1998               Grade 5
          Fall 1999               Middle School was approved with the first 6th-grade class
          Fall 2009               High School was approved with the first 9th-grade class
          May 2013              First Graduating Class

Since then, CCS has continued to grow with each year of operation.

We, the administration, staff, and congregation of First Baptist Concord, believing in the sovereignty of God the Father, the Deity of His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ, the ever-present ministry of the indwelling Holy Spirit and in the unerring authority of God's inspired Word, the Bible, do establish and maintain Concord Christian School on these foundations.