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Dear Parents,
We welcome you to Concord Christian Preschool, a ministry of First Baptist Concord Church. We are excited that you and your child will be joining us for a wonderful year full of activities and growth. My prayer for this year is that you will have a positive experience, with a loving and dedicated staff that will be there for you and your child.
Our Morning Preschool/Full-Day Child Development Programs focus on activities to help your child within various developmental areas; spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. We provide Christian educational activities in a developmentally appropriate manner, both structured and non-structured. Our teachers reflect on God’s love throughout the entire day with your child. Our vision for the children and their families enrolled in our Ministry is:
To help our children and their families grow in their love for God and establish a closer relationship with HIM.
We view play as extremely important, and therefore, we provide a positive enriched environment. Our staff works very hard towards planning a balanced program of activities which allows for the children to acquire a multitude of skills in all development areas. Developmentally appropriate activities are provided based on the individual needs of each child.
We want to support and encourage you in your parenting role. We know that parenting is a very challenging job! We want to be there with you to help in guiding your child in a positive way through their young lives.
Your input as a parent is very important, and we welcome your concerns or suggestions. I enjoy talking with parents at any time. The love and care we provide for your child is of major importance to us! I look forward to a growing friendship with you and our time together with your child! We are extremely grateful and blessed to be able to minister to you and your child during this year and hopefully years to come.
Judy Stogner
Concord Christian Preschool Director
Because we are committed to giving our best to the Lord,
you can be assured that we will continually seek to
offer and achieve excellence in academic education.
The Abeka Curriculum is used in our four and five-year-old classrooms. This is a Christian based curriculum which focuses on phonics awareness. We expand on this curriculum with theme-based activities the individual teachers develop. The three-year-old classrooms introduce letters using the same Abeka format. Teachers complete lesson plans that are available for review in each classroom’s parent bulletin board.



Goals and Objectives for Parents
Parents can help prepare their child for preschool by:
  1. Assuring the child that he will be safe and secure at school.
  2. Introducing the child to school by visiting the school with him/her.
  3. Keeping informed about your child's progress.
  4. Notifying the teacher of particular problems encountered with one's child.
  5. Being aware of and participating in, when possible, school activities.
  6. Making sure they get at least 8 good hours of sleep and provide a good breakfast.
  7. Attending parent meetings and conferences.
  8. Updating immunization records, making the school aware of contagious conditions (e.g. strep throat, etc.) emergency information, address, phone changes, etc.
  9. Extending classroom learning in the home (i.e. discuss, question what was done)
  10. Join us in prayer that we will meet your child's needs.
To strengthen the love and bonds to Christ by:
  1. Participating in prayer, learning activities and music
  2. Becoming acquainted with Bible stories, characters, values, ethics, and lifestyles
To develop a positive self-concept by participation in experiences which focus on:
  1. Believing that he/she is a worthwhile person; believing that he/she can be successful
  2. Being able to adjust to failures as well as success
To begin the process of social development by:
  1. Developing warm relationships with teachers and other children
  2. Learning to share and the meaning of respect
  3. Interacting in fair play with the other children; caring for others

To increase the use of language by:

  1. Developing a meaningful vocabulary
  2. Using language as a successful means of communication
  3. Learning to express feelings verbally
To advance in intellectual development by:
  1. Interacting and learning from the environment
  2. Learning to follow directions; being able to understand new concepts
  3. Becoming interested and motivated in learning activities
To work on acquiring physical coordination by:
  1. Advancing in gross motor development.
  2. Advancing in fine motor coordination.
To participate in creative experiences by:
  1. Engaging with art materials and determining the creative set up of those materials
    2. Participating in experiences that offer the use of the imagination
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