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Sixth Grade

Concord Christian School endeavors to give a completely God-centered orientation of life to each student. We strive to help produce the mind of Christ in our students and establish a well-grounded biblical world view.
Academic concepts taught in Sixth Grade include:


  • In-depth study of Acts
  • Salvation
  • Early church formation
  • Doctrinal basics
  • Evangelism
  • Personal Relationship with Christ
  • Spiritual growth

Language Arts

  • Language Network and Elements of Literature
  • Honors or Standard language class
  • Review rules of punctuation
  • Review parts of speech
  • Transitive and intransitive verbs
  • Write for a specific purpose or audience
  • Read and comprehend a variety of materials and genres of literature
  • Use research skills
  • Identify/avoid errors in reasoning
  • Identify/evaluate emotional appeals
  • Novel studies:  Take Your Best Shot and Medallion


  • Glencoe Math:  Applications and Concepts
  • Honors or Standard math class
  • Analyze data
  • Powers and exponents
  • Order of operations
  • Integers and their operations
  • Beginning algebraic expressions and equations
  • Prime factorization
  • Ratios and proportions
  • Operations with fractions
  • Using percentages


  • Bob Jones Heritage Studies
  • Ancient civilizations:  Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, India, and China
  • Classical Greece
  • Roman civilization
  • Mayan civilization
  • Ancient African culture
  • Golden Age of the Orient
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Middle Ages


  • Bob Jones Sixth Grade Survey of Science
  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes
  • Weather
  • Weathering and Erosion
  • Natural Resources
  • Cells and Organisms
  • Atoms and molecules, electricity and magnetism, motion and machines
Sixth graders also participate in electives such as Chorus, Band, Art, Physical Education, Strength and Conditioning, Spanish, Theater Arts, and Computer. 

Sixth graders have the opportunity to attend a class trip to our state capital, Nashville.