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Library Goals and Objectives

Purpose: Seeing HIS Story in Every Story.

Mission: Teach students how to be effective and creative users of information so they are equipped to serve, lead, and transform their world from a Biblical worldview.

With this in mind, goals and objectives have been created for the CCS Library that ensures we are accomplishing this mission across the curriculum and grade levels. These goals and objectives can be viewed in the CCS Library Policies and Procedures Manual.

Included here is a brief overview of the goals set forth for the Elementary grade levels. 

Kindergarten: learn the responsibilities of checking out and taking care of books. They will also learn parts of a book, a book’s “address”, fiction/nonfiction, etc. 

Students are allowed 1 book per class visit in the ‘Everybody’ section. Kindergarten’s focus is on the mastery of these goals and not a student’s reading ability. Students are encouraged to check out books they will thoroughly enjoy without worrying about reading level. 

First Grade: learn the elements of a story, elements of nonfiction, predicting, call numbers, and an introduction to genres. Students are allowed 1 book per class visit in the ‘Everybody’ section.

NOTE: After Christmas break, students are introduced to the ‘Chapter Book’ section. These are various reading levels (2nd-5th) that are appropriate for these students’ ages. Students begin learning how to take AR tests in the classroom, but it is not the focus of library time.

Second Grade: learn sections of the library, call numbers, introduction to the online catalog (OPAC), more genres, book awards, characterization, author’s purpose, and thinking about one’s reading. Students are allowed 2 books per class visit.

NOTE: At least one book needs to be in their AR level. The focus becomes practicing reading--growing in their level, as well as reading for enjoyment. After Christmas break, students are introduced to all sections of the library and allowed to check out from anywhere except Young Adult.

Third Grade: learn to find favorite genres, reference materials and resources, point of view, unique qualities of classic literature, introduction to literary elements, and a biblical worldview in any story. Students are allowed 2 books per class visit.

Fourth Grade: learn nonfiction text features, literary elements, author study, poetry, fairytale variations, and beginning discussions on material found in books that, as Christians, we do not agree with. Students are allowed 2 books per class visit.

Fifth Grade: learn literary elements, taking notes, research, sound maps, spiritual gifts, and diving deeper into conversations about getting older and things they might encounter in media that do not reflect a Biblical worldview. Students are allowed 2 books per class visit.

NOTE: Open checkout is available every day for 2nd-5th grades. Therefore, students are able to visit the library and exchange books, as needed. Hence, there is no need to check out more than 2 books at a time and helps prevent loss and damage to books.*

At least one book must be on their AR level. Students are encouraged to get both books in their AR level until they have reached their AR goal each quarter.

If you have any questions about the CCS Library and its Policies or Procedures, please feel free to reach out to our librarian. Parents are welcome to check out books for their student(s) if they would like to have more options at home and/or higher reading levels for their child. Students are not allowed to check out more books than the above referenced quantities during their library class.

See you in the Library!