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Support Services

Academic Support Program

The Academic Support Program at Concord Christian School offers students in grades K-8 learning assistance based on individual academic needs. Once a student is referred by a teacher or parent, our Academic Support Director works with teachers, families, and students to determine specific learning needs.
A Student Support Plan will be developed that assists students in meeting academic standards. The support plan is unique to the specific learning needs of each student and is based on academic testing results. Professional educational evaluations can be submitted, and academic testing can be done on-site as well.
Our Academic Support Director works with students individually and in small groups. The goal is to enhance and accelerate learning in the areas of reading, math, and study skills. Collaboration with teachers to accommodate learning in the classroom promotes academic success for all students.

Students meet with our Academic Support Director twice per week during the school day at a time that least interferes with their homeroom class schedule. Sessions include tutoring, oral testing or retesting, accountability, and binder checks. Student progress is monitored and families are provided with quarterly progress reports based on STAR Reading and/or STAR Math testing as well as the Wilson Assessment for Decoding and Encoding (W.A.D.E.).
The cost for participation in the Academic Support Program reflects the services provided and varies based on the level of support. If you have any questions, please email Angela Thaller at