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Fifth Grade

Concord Christian School endeavors to give a completely God-centered orientation of life to each student. We strive to help produce the mind of Christ in our students and establish a well-grounded biblical world view.
Academic concepts taught in the Fifth Grade include:


  • Sin – the beginning (Adam and Eve)
  • Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ
  • Spiritual growth
  • The Life of Moses; Egypt, Sinai, and journey through the wilderness
  • The Life of Joshua
  • Study of the book of Judges
  • The Life of Ruth
  • The Life of Samuel
  • The Life of David
  • Missions Focus Areas
    • Local – The Poor and Hungry (Western Heights Ministry)
    • International – Israel


  • Review and correct use of grammar (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc…)
  • Identify the simple subject and predicate of a sentence
  • Draft, revise, proofread, publish and illustrate
  • Use of thesaurus in poetry writing
  • Poetry writing; diamante and sense poems
  • Diagram and label sentence patterns
  • Subject- Verb agreement
  • Pronouns; singular, plural, subject, object and reflexive
  • Practice listening skills
  • Recognize and use prefixes and suffixes
  • Write a research paper using revision and proofreading; include bibliography format for recording references
  • Prepositions and prepositional phrases
  • Write a persuasive business letter using proper form, including correct addressing of envelope


  • Recognize authors use of idioms and hyperbole
  • Recognize and interpret dialect as part of the setting
  • Fables and folktales
  • Compare and contrast information from a story
  • Identify metaphors
  • Predict outcomes
  • Dramatize a play
  • Identify elements of a story
  • Arrange events in sequence
  • Recognize plot in a story
  • Infer cause and effect relationships; hypothesize a character’s motives
  • Read orally with voice expression to convey emotion
  • Determine important information for note-taking
  • Complete research and writing process
  • Participate in numerous novel studies


  • Expanded skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Solve story problems with multiple steps
  • Addition and subtraction of fractions with or without a common denominator
  • Proper and improper fractions
  • Remainders as fractions
  • Algebraic equations
  • Decimals; addition, subtraction multiplication, division
  • More decimals; terminating and repeating decimals, rounding decimals to the nearest tenth, hundredth, and cent
  • Graphs; pictographs and bar graphs
  • Conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius scale
  • Dividing fractions
  • Geometry; shapes, angles, triangles, perimeter, area
  • Square and square-root of numbers
  • Balancing a bank account


  • Study of Old World Continents
  • Understand the development of the Mesopotamian culture of Sumer and Ur
  • Study of different civilizations: Phoenicians, Hittites, Lydians, Israelites, Canaanites, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, etc…
  • In-depth look at Central and Southern Asia
  • Identify Chinese inventions and discoveries
  • Compare and contrast communist vs republican governments
  • In-depth look at Egypt, their dynasties, and influence on the world today
  • In-depth look at Africa
  • The study of Ancient Greece
  • In-depth look at Rome and the influences of the Roman Empire on the world today
  • Christianity – the greatest force in history; identify Christian martyrs, analyze the Middle Ages and the role of Christianity
  • Great Britain; its rulers and their accomplishments
  • Western Europe and the Renaissance period


  • Earth – Minerals and Rocks
  • Fossils and Dinosaurs
  • Energy and Heat
  • Climate – Weather and Biomes
  • Interactions and changes in the ecosystem
  • Energy – Sound and Light
  • Our body – respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Participation in the regional science fair
  • Field Trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium and I-Max Theater
  • Class Trip – 3-day trip to Tremont in the Great Smoky Mountains
Fifth-grade students participate in weekly enrichment classes including art, band, chorus, computer, Spanish, P.E., and library.