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Head of School Letters

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March 10, 2023

Dear CCS family,
Spring Break is here, and I know everyone is excited! We will soon begin the last leg of the school year.
Currently, we are planning the necessary internal operational changes that must occur before actual
construction begins in late May. Be on the lookout for information as the month of May approaches
regarding a few changes to traffic patterns as the steel and other construction material begins to
arrive. Next year will certainly bring a few challenges as the construction progresses, but we believe we
have a good working plan in place to ensure school operations run smoothly.

In January, CCS leadership released a planning calendar for the 2023-24 school year. After a review
by leadership, a few changes have been made. These changes were made mostly to accommodate the
planned construction for next year but were also made in an attempt to improve the flow of the calendar
in general. The biggest change is the elimination of early releases (formerly late starts) for the 2023-24
school year. There are still half-days listed on the calendar which coincide with various departmental
events (i.e. parent conferences, end of semester assessments, etc..). The revised calendar can be found
on the website or school app.

CCS leadership regularly reviews our policies and handbooks to reflect changing best practices or new
laws that may dictate a change to policy. Oftentimes, the policy just needs a clarification from past
practices. Recently, CCS leadership made several revisions that were approved at a recent board
meeting. The 2022-23 Parent/Student Handbook has been revised to update our harassment policy
and social media policy. You can view our updated handbook on our website or school app.

On the personnel front, I would like to announce an organizational change within CCS leadership.
Lincoln Thomas has served as CCS Athletic Director since the fall of 2021 and has worked diligently to
advance the mission of the athletic department from his director’s chair. Recently, he and I met to discuss
his passion for strength/conditioning, and together decided now is the right time to add this emphasis into
our curriculum.

Because of this, we both feel it will be a beneficial transition for Coach Thomas to take on the role of
Director of Strength & Performance at CCS. Coach Thomas will work closely with coaches and
student athletes to promote a positive culture around strength, conditioning and nutrition. He is an
experienced coach and a nationally Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Lincoln has trained a
multitude of athletes of various ages, and his certifications include the CSCS through the National
Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and an Olympic Lifting Certification through USA
Weightlifting (USAW). Coach is an original member of the National High School Strength Coaches
Association (NHSSCA) which serves over 2000 members nationwide and served as their first State
Director for TN from 2016-18 and was named the NHSSCA State (TN) Strength Coach of the Year in
2020. Lincoln will also assist in middle and high school P.E./ Wellness classes to improve student
knowledge in this area.

At this time, I would also like to welcome Daniel Head to CCS as our new Athletic Director. Daniel
has served in virtually every role in the educational field during his 17-year career and is excited for this
new adventure. Most recently, he has served as the middle school and high school principal at Prince
Avenue Christian School in Bogart, Georgia. Prince Avenue has expanded their footprint in every
measurable way during Daniel’s tenure, and he will bring a wealth of experience to CCS as we
experience growth moving forward. Before serving at Prince Avenue, he served as the Assistant Athletic
Director at Trinity Christian School in Lubbock, Texas. Again, this school is known for excellent programs
in the Lubbock area. He and his wife, Alexis, have four elementary-aged children that will attend CCS.
Daniel and his family plan to be on campus full-time sometime in early June. At that time, we will host a
drop by reception for families and students to meet his family. Lorna Keeton will also spotlight the Head
family in an upcoming edition of Maroon & White. Please join me in giving the Heads a warm CCS
welcome to Knoxville!

We are excited for both Daniel and Lincoln as they step into their new roles. The transition into their new
roles will begin shortly after spring break where they will conduct various meetings and coaching

May you and your family have a safe and fun-filled Spring Break!

Pressing on Together,

Donald Snider
Head of School

Dear CCS Community,

The leadership of First Baptist Concord and Concord Christian School began the process of creating a
strategic plan in order to take an in-depth look at where we have been, where we are now, and where we
desire to go. Leadership has been working on this plan for twelve months using surveys, committee
feedback, parent/faculty feedback, and board input. This strategic approach supports the school’s mission,
vision, and core values while providing critical components for goal setting, budgeting, ongoing
assessment, and decision-making that leads to continuous improvement.

Inspire 2028 presents an exciting journey for our school, containing six priorities written within. With our
focus being on Kingdom Education, this outline includes essential components to aid in accomplishing
our mission, vision, and core values where students are inspired to take risks and accomplish things
greater than they ever imagined. Another goal is to offer our families a community where students
understand they are uniquely made in God's image, possessing different talents and gifts which are all
given to glorify God. Our ultimate goal is to create a healthy campus culture that equips students to

Flourishing offers a more expansive view of a school that desires to be excellent. We believe the concept
of flourishing delineates Christian schools from other types of schools. The psalmist wrote, “May the
Lord cause you to flourish, both you and your children.” (Psalm 115:14) The concept of flourishing goes
beyond normal templates used to measure educational outcomes and looks to the future and the impact
graduates have in their communities for Jesus. It is our prayer that meeting the six priorities is a
pathway to that goal.

The first five priorities highlight different paths that encourage students and faculty to expand their
expectations of themselves for God's glory. The last priority focuses on current and future facility needs
along with expansion plans. The plan is written so necessary revisions can be made yearly as data and
situations dictate. Please take time to read the school’s priorities and the strategic plan outlined on the
pages linked here.

Please reach out to me if you desire to speak with our leadership regarding how you might help CCS
pursue Inspire 2028 with your time, talents, or resources.

Pressing on Together,

Donald E. Snider, Jr.
Head of School

February 3, 2023

Dear Concord Families,

As a reminder, parents can drop by on Monday, February 6th, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm to talk with our
Chef Advantage staff regarding any dietary questions (i.e. food allergies) you may have regarding our lunch
program. In addition, school leadership will be on-site to answer questions as well. As a reminder, there will
be a playoff basketball game beginning at 6:00 pm, so please enter through the Gathering Space or the
competition gym. As you enter, CCS staff will greet you to help you find the location for our drop-by session.

If you are unable to attend the drop-by session with Chef Advantage on Monday evening, Chef Advantage
will provide information on a website they have created specifically for our school. The link will be sent to
our parents next week. The information on the website should answer most of your questions; however, if it
does not, feel free to email our Executive Chef Josh Shupe at with your

Also, we are still working on the logistics of the second floor addition and will be releasing that information
as the actual build date draws near. There is one piece of information I would like to bring to your attention
regarding our KidzConnect after school care. If your child is currently registered for our after school
program, your child(ren) will be able to attend KidzConnect for no extra cost on May 19 and the week of
May 22. These are the days that CCS would have been in session but is closed due to the transition of the
building for construction to begin. Pat Thomas, Director of KidzConnect, will provide additional information
(i.e. lunch information, schedule of activities, etc…) regarding these days later in the spring.

The week of May 22nd, CCS will make necessary preparations to our classrooms in order for the actual
construction to begin the following week. This will be a monumental building makeover as middle school
and high school classrooms in the F building are completely emptied to prepare for preschool to move in for
the summer session. Leadership has discussed several scenarios that would allow KidzConnect to expand
care for additional students; however, our entire staff will be involved in the transition of flipping preschool
and F building classrooms. KidzConnect is already at full capacity, and we must keep safety as our main
focus as the entire building will be in transition with construction employees and movers.

This is an exciting time for CCS! Fundraising is off to an outstanding start, and CCS will soon enjoy a brand
new academic floor. I am thankful to everyone who has already pledged or given towards our Capital
Campaign. To God Be the Glory!

Pressing on Together,

Donald Snider
Head of School

January 20, 2023

Dear CCS Family,

Our students in 5th-12th grades have enjoyed hearing from Chuck Hooten during Spiritual
Emphasis chapels this week. Chuck challenged the students to hear the calling, consider/count
the cost, and accept the commission. Students and faculty/staff responded to the challenges in
meaningful ways. Today during chapel, Jamie Dewald led students in a chapel dedicated to
prayer. Jamie reported to me that today’s chapel was powerful and the best day of the week.
Every year, we set aside times to focus on spiritual growth, and this year was certainly a powerful
week on our campus. I want to thank all the parents who joined together here on campus and in
small groups off campus to pray for this special week.

I have received several phone calls and emails regarding the tuition/fees video released on
Wednesday. Most of the questions center around the all-in lunch fee. I have worked the last two
days to answer your questions in a timely manner. However, I have had several families who
have requested to see the breakdown of tuition and fees for the next school year in paper form. Aly
Grimes, our Admissions Director, emailed all CCS families a chart with this information this
morning; however, for your convenience, I am attaching it to this letter as well. Please note, her
chart has the cost of the lunch program included in the total cost and my charts (below) have the
amounts broken down individually. Also, families have asked to see the information I provided in
the video in a written format. Please see this information at the bottom of the letter.

I would like to address several of the most commonly asked questions I have recently received.

1. Is the lunch program mandatory moving forward? The answer is yes unless your child
has a doctor diagnosed medical condition.

2. Why is the program mandatory? With rising food costs and upon reviewing the data, the
a la carte option was quickly becoming obsolete as a viable option.

3. Will the options and quality of options improve? Yes. With the expanded format both
kid friendly and healthier options will be available to students.

We will be releasing more details about the expansion of the lunch program next week. Please be
on the lookout for that information which will include a date when parents can drop by the school
to see a sample menu, taste various food items, and talk with personnel from Chef Advantage
who can answer the more specific questions you might have.

We are striving to be a school that provides a high value for the families we serve, and we will
continue to evaluate CCS tuition and fee structures to that end. In addition, we are extending the
deadline to withdraw until February 10th to give parents additional time to review this new
information. The wording from my video is listed below, and the fee handout is also attached.
Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Pressing on Together,

Donald Snider
Head of School

Dear Concord Families,

Every fall, CCS leadership and School Board begin the process of budgeting for the
upcoming school year. This year, we worked extremely hard to keep rising costs controlled
and be able to offer you a tuition increase that is less than the inflation rate of the country.
This is a delicate balance as our costs have risen substantially from every supplier.

With that said, tuition will increase by 6.9% for the 2023-24 school year. Again, CCS
leadership and the Board worked diligently to keep the increase under the rate of inflation
and at the same time continue our path to improve faculty compensation, upgrade curriculum,
and fund other necessary budgetary expenses.

In addition, leadership also evaluated the fee structure in an effort to simplify the number of
fees, and reduce various added expenses that families experience throughout the year.
While it would be hard to encompass all fees due to the unique nature of the charges, we
were able to work in several of the ancillary charges our families experience throughout the
year to simplify your experience at CCS. I am pleased to report that we were able to
accomplish this goal and did so without adding any cost to the existing fee structure.

With this change, you will notice a simplified structure to fees on your monthly statement.
While the fees remain the same year after year, they will look different on your monthly
statement. They will be combined into a singular line item. I am pleased to announce an
expansion to what your fee structure now covers.

In addition to what the fees already covered, now your standard fee will also include:

1) a yearbook for every student

2) Personal Chromebooks for grades 6-12

3) Elementary school field trips (except Tremont), class t-shirts, music performance shirts
and official class parties.

We are excited to simplify life for our families and provide additional value for you in this
rising cost environment we are all navigating.

To help you better visualize the information I stated above, please see the charts below.

Lastly, I would like to provide you with an update regarding our school lunch program. Over
the past couple of years, leadership has monitored the rising food costs which have
escalated. We have been informed that the increase for school lunch is projected to be
significant for this coming school year. On top of the challenging pricing environment in food
service, we also know that in an a la’ carte' environment many of the “extras” the kids select
outside of the standard lunch can add up to lunches of $7-$9 per day and in several cases,
even higher. To try to ease the burden of this problem, we studied how our families utilize the
lunchroom and the results were that 98% of our students are lunch buyers. So, the lunch
service we offer is in high demand. Understanding the data and where we believe the cost of
an a la’ carte program is headed, the decision has been made to move to an all-inclusive
lunch program.

Many private schools in the area have already made the move to an “all-in” lunch program.
An “all-in” lunch program offers several fiscal efficiencies such as fewer employees needed,
volume purchasing discount, efficient planning as well as several factors that increase
student satisfaction including return trips allowed if a student is still hungry. There are several
hot bar items per day, a sandwich bar, a salad bar, a pizza bar, and other specialty food items,
along with certain beverages that are all included in one flat price for the year.

So what does this mean for your family? Many families who are purchasing lunch daily will
pay less monthly based on this new model. The break even between the projected costs for
“pay for lunch” and the “all in lunch” model would be somewhere between 3-4 days per week
based on the buying habits of your child. If you are currently buying lunch 3-4 days per
week, your costs will remain relatively level, but your child may eat lunch all 5 days. If you
are buying lunch every day, your costs will go down.

If you are buying lunch less than 3-4 days per week, you may experience a cost increase, but
your family now has the ability to offset your grocery costs weekly if you so choose. The
chart below lists the cost of the monthly lunch fee that will be applied to your account.

For most of you, this is a direct offset to costs you are already paying in our lunchroom. We
believe this will help us offer a more complete offering to your child(ren), and help us keep
the daily/monthly costs to our families as low as possible.

FBC and CCS leadership are very excited about next year as so many exciting things are
currently in the plans. As always, if I can ever assist your family, please reach out to me.

Pressing on Together,

Donald Snider
Head of School

January 13, 2023

Dear Concord Families,

Happy New Year! I pray that each of you had a restful Christmas break and will be blessed in 2023. There
are a few items that I would like to bring to your attention.

Next week, January 17-20, is our Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW). This is a week that I look forward to
all year long! Jamie Dewald, our campus pastor, and members from the Spiritual and Student Life Office
have worked diligently to prepare for this week. Jamie emailed parents an itinerary for SEW a few days
ago, so please check your email for details. It’s going to be an awesome week of worship for our faculty
and students!

The CCS 2023-2024 Planning Calendar can now be found online by clicking on the calendar icon at the
top of our webpage, by clicking the community tab then calendar on our webpage, or by using our app.
When constructing the planning calendar for each school year, CCS leadership reviews several calendars
including Knox County and the University of Tennessee.

For the past 2 years, we have included late start days in our school year in order to devote time to
providing professional development for our teachers. While this time has proven to be valuable for this
purpose, the decision has been made by our leadership team that it would be more beneficial for our
teachers to have professional development during an early release day rather than a late start day.
Therefore, you will notice on the 2023-24 calendar that there are 2 early release days during the
first semester and 3 early release days during the second semester. On these early release days,
students will follow a modified schedule that allows them to receive instruction from each of their
academic classes. Additional information regarding early release will be provided at the beginning of the
2023-24 school year. (Please note that for this current school year, we will continue to have late start days
on February 15th and April 26th.)

As you are aware, FBC & CCS are in the process of planning for the construction of the second story
addition. Our general contractors have asked for the building to be completely empty when the steel is set
in place beginning on May 29th. To honor this request, the decision has been made for CCS to end school
a week early. This means that the last day for all K-12th grade students will be May 18, 2023, instead
of May 25, 2023. (Please note that May 18 is a half day for all K-12th grade students.) Closing a week
early will allow for the F Building, which middle and high school currently occupy, to be cleaned out for our
preschool children to use during their summer session which begins May 19. There are a few May events
that will be rescheduled due to the end of the school year date change. These changes will be
communicated to parents from each of the principals. The 2022-23 school calendar will be revised and
available on our webpage by early next week.

The next 12 to 16 months of construction will certainly present some challenges for our campus. We are
working closely with our general contractors to minimize the disruption to the normal flow of school.
However, when the building project is complete, the new academic floor will make the temporary changes
worth the small inconveniences we may experience next school year. If you have any questions regarding
the current fundraising efforts or the construction project in general, please reach out to me.

Finally, I would like to focus on Kingdom Education principle 5 which speaks to the preeminence of Christ
in the educational process of our children and youth. If we believe that everything was created by Him and
for His glory, it only makes sense that education should mirror that train of thought. Colossians 2:3 states,
“In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge”. This verse speaks to Jesus’ preeminence
over all creation. At CCS, we strive to have students view everything with this truth in mind.

It’s a great day to be a LION in this new year of 2023!

Pressing on Together,

Donald Snider, Ed.S.
Head of School

December 2, 2022

Dear CCS Families,

As we enter the month of December, leadership remains pursuant with our school's capital campaign, "All In
For The Next Generation", with a goal to raise $975,000 toward our new second story classroom addition. For
the last few years, leadership from both FBC and CCS have discussed the need for additional space to meet
the current and future needs of our middle and high school students and to advance our school mission. This
addition is one more phase in an effort to meet several short and long term goals in our master site plan.

Twenty-nine academic classes, 2 state of the art science labs, and offices will be housed in this 25,000 square
feet addition. Completion of this project will open countless opportunities for our students. In the last few
weeks, CCS was granted all approvals to order the steel for the 2nd story addition. Construction is
scheduled to begin the week after school ends in May, and the first classes to be held in the new addition will
be at the start of the 2024-25 school year.

To make this phase a reality, we would like to have 100% participation from our families and staff. Would you
join me in prayerfully considering what the Lord would have you commit to this endeavor? CCS students will be
served by this academic addition for many years to come. You can support our capital campaign HERE.
Please take the time to view the weekly videos and communications from CCS Director of Marketing, Lorna
Keeton, regarding this project.

If you have any questions at all, please plan to attend a capital campaign parent meeting on Monday,
December 12 at 7:45 am in the Training Center where FBC and CCS leadership will be available to discuss
the addition and answer any questions you might have regarding the project. If you are unable to attend but
still have questions, you can reach out to Lorna Keeton, Blake Henry (FBC Executive Director), or me. What an
exciting time in the history of CCS!

Remember, it’s a great day to be a LION!

Pressing on Together,

Donald Snider
Head of School

November 11, 2022

Dear Concord Families,

Today is the day that our nation pauses to recognize and honor veterans who have served our country in the armed forces. In our Patriotic Veterans Day Chapel, we asked for the veterans in attendance to stand. What a sight to see as men and women stood all across the sanctuary to be recognized. Veterans Day allows us time to reflect on the sacrifice given by our servicemen and women and be thankful for their commitment to protect
our country. At CCS, it is our desire to teach our students to remember and respect the men and women who risk their lives to protect our freedoms.

As we continue to share our school's story and move forward with our Capital Campaign: All In For The Next Generation, please take a few moments to hear a word from Elementary School Principal, Jennifer Studt
(HERE) and to also hear from one of our CCS families in "The Carrolls' Concord Story" (HERE). For the next few weeks, we will offer a unique opportunity to gift and benefit both the capital campaign and our athletic
department. Click HERE for more details.

First Baptist Concord and CCS have teamed up to host a Parenting Night on November 16th. Guest speaker, Ricky Chellete, will guide parents on how to help their children make sense of our gender confused world. We
eagerly anticipate Ricky’s message from God’s Word regarding this topic of gender. Be sure to register for this important event.

Winter weather will be upon us soon, and school leadership is always vigilant as to weather that could possibly close or delay school. If school is closed or delayed due to inclement weather or unexpected events,
parents will be notified using the following outlets of communication:

● CCS Website (
● CCS App
● Social Media
● Local TV Stations – WBIR, WATE, WVLT

Please note that no email will be sent from the CCS administration, so please use the above listed outlets of communication to receive the most updated information. Concord Christian Preschool and KidzConnect will
communicate information for their departments. For additional information regarding procedures for school delays and closings, reference our handbook found on our website or app.

Finally, let’s continue our review of Kingdom Education principles by looking at principle 4. This principle centers directly on Scripture as being the absolute truth on all matters. As you are well aware, we live in a day
and age where truth is under attack on every front. In some ways, truth is viewed on a sliding scale in that what is considered to be true by one person, can easily be contradicted or considered false by the next person. At
CCS, we teach that truth can be found in God’s Word, and there is no sliding scale in which to measure. Matthew 24:35 (ESV) reads, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” As Christians, we are assured by God’s Word that we can know and live a life based on His truth!

Pressing on Together,

Donald Snider
Head of School

October 28, 2022

Dear CCS Families,

This morning, it was a pleasure to welcome our grandparents back to campus for Grandparents Day 2022! Students in K- 5th grades, middle school chorus and high school theater pledged, recited, sang and acted to the delight of over 500 grandparents. After the performances, grandparents visited booths, toured the building and stopped by classrooms before ending their campus visit just before noon. It’s always such a delight to see how the
students respond from the stage with big smiles and waves when they see their grandparents sitting in the audience. Grandparents are such a vital part of the family structure, and my hope is that those who attended felt just how much CCS appreciates our grandparents. I am already looking forward to planning next year's event!

On November 10th at 9:40 am, students in grades K-12th will join together in the Worship Center for a patriotic themed chapel to recognize Veterans Day and our Veterans. Parents, Veterans, and family members who are
currently serving are invited to join us for this special chapel.

Please make plans to attend the FBC/CCS Parenting Night held on Wednesday, November 16th. Ricky Chellete will be our guest speaker for the evening, and he will speak about what our culture is doing to manipulate and
desensitize our children in regards to gender, sexuality, homosexuality and personal identity. Ricky will offer biblical and practical solutions as it relates to these topics. We are asking that you register for this event. If your children already attend FBC on Wednesday nights, then they will simply go to their normal Children's Ministry or Student Ministry activity. However, if you do not attend FBC, we would like to provide your family with free childcare, and you can register your children for childcare by emailing Marianne Bailey at:

As you are aware from reading the Maroon and White, CCS has entered into the "public phase" of our capital campaign entitled, "All In for the Next Generation''. Our goal is to raise $975,000 toward our new 31 classroom,
28,000 square foot 2nd story. This addition will house almost all of middle and high school classes with state of the art labs and classrooms. As funding is secured through our capital campaign over the next few months, construction is scheduled to begin in May of 2023. Will you join me in prayerfully considering how you might partner with CCS to financially support this new academic addition? We are planning two community meetings with church and school leadership to answer any questions you may have regarding the capital campaign. These meetings will be held on Thursday, November 17th at 5:30pm or Monday, December 12th at 5:30 pm. Also, please take the time to view the weekly videos and communications from Lorna Keeton that contain updated information regarding the campaign. Next year is going to be such an exciting time for our school community!

Finally, continuing on with our discussion of Kingdom Education principles, the third principle states the following:  The education of children and youth must have as its primary goal the salvation and discipleship of the next generation. Wow! That is such a powerful thought and one of the obvious differences in Christian schooling and other schooling options. Our CCS faculty is dedicated to this principle. We desire for every student under our tutelage to come to understand and accept the gift of salvation provided by God’s Son, Jesus. For what have we gained if we gain the whole world and not Jesus? Our mission statement is to “Inspire students to follow Jesus by equipping them to serve, lead, and transform their world,” and Matthew 28:19-20 speaks to this mission. It is a privilege for our teachers, staff and administrators to partner with parents as we strive to educate students.

Pressing on Together,

Donald Snider
Head of School

September 30, 2022

Dear Concord Families,

Every few weeks, I will include the principles of Kingdom Education in my Head of School letters. As you may be aware, Kingdom Education centers around the idea of parents, the church, and the school working together to ensure children are educated with a biblically based worldview. This principle of the 3-legged stool is one that CCS firmly believes in and strives to follow. The second principle in this approach is rooted in the idea that educating children is a 24/7/365 endeavor. Proverbs 22:6 reads, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Training or teaching from birth to maturity is the idea behind this passage. In this day and age, ensuring that children view the world through the lens of Scripture is more important than ever. Access to social media guarantees children are bombarded with non-biblically based information at their fingertips; however, as Christians, we know that a biblically based student is more than able to withstand distractions the enemy throws into
their path. Working together, we are raising up the next generation of Christian leaders, and what a tremendous calling we have!

I would like to thank each and every family who helped make our Fun Run a huge success this year. It was a beautiful day for the run, and it was so nice to see parents on campus enjoying the time with the students. Lorna
Keeton will announce the total amount raised for the day in an upcoming edition of Maroon and White.

Each September, First Baptist Concord has an annual business meeting where those nominated for a committee are voted upon. This year, the CCS School Board had three seats to fill. I would like to give a warm welcome to
our new School Board members.

Jennifer Burton and her family reside in the greater Knoxville area where she is a member of First Baptist Concord, and the East Tennessee legal community. Jennifer’s children joined CCS/CPS in the Fall of 2017, and Jennifer is an active volunteer at CCS serving as room mom, assistant soccer coach for her son’s soccer team, and lending a hand where needed. Professionally, Jennifer has focused on helping her clients through the challenges of Family Law and Social Security Disability and is a licensed mediator in the State of Tennessee.

James Harrill and his wife Christina have one daughter and are members of First Baptist Concord. James is a self-employed civil-structural engineering consultant in the Knoxville area. James and Christina are co-founders of
The Butterfly Fund of East Tennessee Foundation, an organization dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer, which they formed after the loss of their first child, Maddie. James has previous experience with other faith-based educational partnerships where he served as a deacon, building committee chairman, personnel committee member, small group leader, and capital campaign committee member.

J.R. Yates works at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, where he is a clinical pharmacist. J.R. and his wife Danielle have two children, Annabelle (3rd grade) and Isaac (Kindergarten), who both attend CCS. J.R. is
passionate about studying the Bible and serving at First Baptist Concord where his family are members. His other hobbies include fly fishing, cycling, and sports of all kinds.

The School Board is such an intricate part of our school. I would like to thank our current board members Candy Lett (Board Chair), Jerry Moats, Benjie Shuler, Lynnette Newman, Adam Starkey, and Bill Evans for the many hours they have spent attending meetings and working on various committees to improve our school. If you ever need to contact the School Board, you can email Mrs. Candy Lett at

Pressing on Together,
Donald Snider, Ed.S
Head of School

September 9, 2022

Dear Concord Family,

During the first months of the pandemic, CCS leadership quickly learned most COVID decisions were controversial by nature. Almost three years later, there are still very passionate, educated viewpoints on both sides. Christians view COVID information from different angles and draw varying conclusions after reading the very same data. However, as Christians, there must be room for respectful dialogue and disagreement in areas that are not clear mandates in Scripture. Vaccines are one of those areas.

As I mentioned last week in my Head of School letter, CCS leadership received several emails expressing concern over the availability of the COVID vaccine in conjunction with our annual flu vaccine clinic. The emails asked our leadership team to reconsider providing the COVID vaccine with the flu vaccine. CCS leadership met several times to consider parent concerns, and in the end, desired to make a decision that unifies our campus.

With that said, CCS leadership made the decision to reverse course on the COVID vaccine and only offer the flu vaccine to students on September 29th. This decision was made to promote unity on our campus. Leadership believes strongly that a vaccine should not thwart the positive momentum that CCS is currently experiencing.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who took the time to email me. I tried to reply to everyone, and if I did fail to respond to your email, I apologize for my oversight.

Pressing on Together,

Donald Snider
Head of School